Writing in Advance


address-adult-african-1061576For a while now I have been posting a blog each day, but often at different times. This is honestly a problem. I really need to make sure that I post a blog every day at the same time that way people know they can read it. Imagine if your newspaper showed up at a different time every day. You would not only stop reading it, you would likely cancel the subscription.

People need routine.

And I completely understand this, as I stream at the same time every night on my twitch show, however when it comes to my blog I have been incredibly lazy. Couple this with my inability some mornings to get up in a timely fashion and then voila you have the issue of me posting at random times. I mean honestly it’s going to be 5:50 or so most likely by the time this blog post is posted. And that is if I write it quick.

I need to get into a better writing routine and start posting every day ideally in the morning maybe around 8:30 or 9:00. Not sure which of the two times, but I will choose one soon. Now some mornings I get up and I am tired or I have to do something, should I just post later? No! What do I do then?

Write blogs in advance. I really cannot believe I didn’t think of doing this until now. And honestly I think it was because I liked the idea of getting up every single day and starting it off with writing a post. Yes, it is very poetic and sounds pleasant, but life happens and the days just do not always work out that way.

Take tomorrow for example, Niki and I are going snowboarding. How the hell am I going to write a post tomorrow at all? By the time I get back it is going to be time for my twitch show. Thus I knew I needed to write a post in advance. And this is how I got the idea. It’s like they say,

“necessity is the mother of invention.”

But then it got me thinking some more. Why don’t I do this more regularly? Often there are times when I am on a roll and there are so many things I am eager to write about. That is really when I should write about them. The moment I write down the idea to write about for a later date I have just doomed that blog post to being not nearly as good as it would be had I written it in that moment of inspiration.

And besides, then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about writer’s block.

That’s a real thing by the way. I can’t imagine the pressure for paid writers who have to churn articles out every day. What happens when they are stuck? Well, they are fucked! lol.

At least for me this blog is something that I am the complete boss of and while yes I understand writer’s block to a degree, because if I don’t post everyday then I will start to lose my following so it is necessary that I work at this, it isn’t quite the same as having my ass on the line.

But nonetheless, some days I know when I am writing a post that it is total filler and not at all as good as the last post or one of my previous ones. This is why I encourage everyone to take action and plan. Be smart about what might happen in the future and prepare yourself for. Do not just wait until the last second and then be caught off guard.

So today I am going to write another post immediately after this one, while I am inspired and while I have the time to do so. Then I will publish it tomorrow bright and early and ideally keep my training running from that moment on. So while tonight was a late read, rise and shine at 8:30 AM tomorrow or so and read my new post. It’s going to be a good one all.


Thanks again for reading and keep smiling,


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