Patience is a Virtue


About two months ago I moved out from where I had been living. A friend of mine offered to let me stay at his place for a while and I really needed a change of environment so I took on the opportunity.

But, as nice as the situation is, it is only temporary, and I have to be thankful for that. So everyday I am looking for a new place to live or rent but I have to be honest, almost none of the places are good for what I need to do. Well, there are some that work, but they are extremely expensive and I cannot afford that.

What I am looking for is a freestanding structure, ideally a guest house of sorts, from which I can do my twitch show without disturbing anyone. As many of you readers know (that is if you watch my twitch stream at I can get really loud from time to time. Certainly not all the time, but enough of the time for me to know that I would be instantly the subject of many noise complaints if I was to live in an apartment building, in a duplex, or anything with a shared wall. In fact, I honestly cannot even do roommates either.

I just know what happens.

At first they think it is super cool that I do a twitch stream. But eventually they get really tired of it when my noise from my show wakes them up a night, or disturbs them from their studies, or whatever.

I really do need to live by myself.

And this is so that I can keep the friends that I have. The last thing I want is to make the people I am closest to hate me because they cannot live me. That is not at all what I want, so I know what I must do. And this means that I likely will have to shell out some more money to have the place I want, but I need something that works. I have been struggling trying to find the right environment for my twitch stream for many years at this point. I am not going to make the same mistake again and cut corners to save a few bucks here and there only to have it not work for my show in the long run.

As I am entering my fourth year as an internet streamer I am committed to making sure that it works this time. Or at the very least, making sure that I do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Further, I need to be proactive and think about potential things that might not work.

And also with bringing rapping back to the show, and soon my guitar playing as well, I really will need to be mindful of potential noise complaints. Further, I saw how last night when I was doing my show I was very tired at the beginning but the moment I got rapping and loud I woke up and became more entertaining.

Getting loud gets me energized.

So there are quite a few reasons that I need to have a structure in which I can stream in peace, er in loudness actually. And that is just what is so tough. Almost nothing is coming along that works for the show and when one did it was snatched right from under me. But, that is how it goes. I just need to keep at it and have patience. I called a friend the other day who is going to put some feelers out there and make some calls for me and see if he can find someone that has a structure that I am looking for. My fingers are crossed, but more importantly I know that I just need to be patient. It’s like my Dad always said,

“Patience is a Virtue.”

And he was right. It really is a virtue, and a damn tough virtue to have I might add. But I believe that something will work out eventually. I just need to wait and keep a watchful eye out.


Keep Smiling,


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