I have a question? Where the hell has accountability gone? It seems to me that it has truly gone missing and I have no idea where to find it. If you see it, please let me know that would totally make my day.

Being real, accountability is important. Let people know where you are and where you stand. Especially if you make mistakes. No one is perfect and trust me, us humans, really do understand that. We understand it so well that when another human acts as if they never make a mistake, we automatically know that that is total bullshit.

We all make mistakes. So admit them when you are caught.

It’s honestly so childish. Think about that. It’s childish. That is what kids do. They try to get away with all sorts of behavior and say that it wasn’t their fault or they place the blame on another kid. But growing up, ideally humans learn to accept their mistakes and admit when they make them, such that others can trust them and know that if they fail, and hopefully they won’t but we know they will at some point, then at least they will be accountable.

Why can’t more people be like this?

Why do people always blame other people for their mistakes, or for their errors. It totally frustrates me. And honestly because I am such an accountable person. If I make a mistake I will admit it. If I am late to work and you ask me if I was late I will not lie.

I tell the truth.

And you all should too. People will really like and respect you for it. And barring moral consideration, it is deeply practical as well. People can smell bullshit. Don’t think you are so smart that no one will fail to notice when you lie through your teeth. It is quite easy to tell, though I will admit some people are exceptional liars and very good at covering their tracks.

But even then, all it takes is one mistake to expose the charade.

So grow up everyone. Be accountable. Tell the truth, and admit your mistakes. And don’t be so afraid of doing so, after all,

“to err is only human.”


Start being accountable and Keep Smiling,


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