What changed

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about rapping and lyrics, and I mentioned that when I was younger lyrics never mattered much to me. I would just listen to a song if the instruments or the beat sounded cool, the lyrics didn’t really mean much to me.

In college I had a friend named Luke who was a pretty decent rapper, I honestly should reach out to him and encourage him to write because he was legitimately really good at rapping. His words and messages were also stellar.

But the one thing I always remembered was how he hated jack Johnson. Yes he hates jack Johnson. And he told me why. It was because jack Johnson makes the chords and the song and then finds the words that fit.

Luke worked the other way.

He found the words first, and then made the beat to the message.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way, but I do understand the difference in the method of writing. And I think it is worthy noting.

I find that I work the jack johnson way. If I hear music then it will stimulate my mind and soul and I will feel an emotion and then I will find words to express how it makes me feel or the memories that it makes me draw on.

And I like it that way.

Sorry Luke, if you are reading this please don’t hate me lol. But I will say that I have made a change since the olden says. The words are extremely important to me now. I can’t do songs that I have messages I find repulsive. And my definition of repulsive is very unique to me lol.

I know it when I see it.

Or hear it. You get the idea. But the song or beat is equally important to me. It all has to come together. I can’t have great lyrics but a crappy beat or the other way around.

I guess that makes me picky.

But again, I am totally fine with that. I just have a higher standard for making a song, and I think that is good. Aim for the stars, because you are going to miss anyways but if you aim high then you get a decent result in the end.

So cheers to everyone out there that writes their own music, it’s certainly a fun experience at the least, whether the sound turns out good or not. But aim for the stars everyone, and make a great song, regardless of which method you use.

Keep Smiling,


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