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Today, was a slow day at work, so I ended up getting the day off early. I had a good lunch with Tony and then on the way back I decided to give Tyler a call. The two of us recorded a rap track last week and we hadn’t seen each other since. I was really itching to record and work some more because since that track and it being received well by twitch stream and others I had really gained a lot more confidence with my rapping.

So I stop by Tyler’s and we get to talking and I was saying that I want us to work regularly because I really believe that we can make some cool music and that it could go somewhere. I don’t know where exactly, but I know with both of our talents combined we could at the very least, and this at the least, make some really standout music that my twitch stream would absolutely love and with that it could help my grow in popularity on twitch and then I could use my newer popularity to give Tyler a shoutout and get people to listen to him. And honestly, we could even become more popular and then the success would be right there. But if we had only even modest success, it would still be a great win win for us.

Since we both have so much fun recording, we really have nothing to lose. Only success to gain.

Tyler got at it, created a brand new beat, and then the two of us got to free styling in his studio (AKA THE CLOSET.) And man as always it was fun. After about a half an hour of us rapping we then got out the booth, Tyler exported the file over to my email, and then said that we will meet back up on Sunday. By then I told him I am going to have lots of bars so we can hit the ground running right away in the morning at 10:00.

And I am so excited. Sunday is from now on going to be the day we record. This way we have time to prepare for the song throughout the week and that way we don’t get too overextended. And I said, hey if this stuff starts working then we can just do more! To which he agreed.

So let’s see how 2019 goes everyone, but it looks great to me. I speak some Chinese and I have grown up around many Chinese families; currently I am living with one. If you didn’t know the Chinese calendar every year features one of its Zodiac animals and has its own sorts of horoscopes. This coming year in February (When the Chinese Calendar restarts) will be the year of the Pig.

I say this will be the year of work.

Too bad its not the year of the ox yet. That comes in 2021. But, that will be good too because that year will be another year of work.

That’s what I am about reader. Working. And doing nothing else. Five to Six days a week I have my job at a local storage and moving company, every day I blog, every day I stream, and now every Sunday (the day I always get off from my storage gig) I will be recording raps.

I am wasting no time.

And I am excited about that. I was listening to the new Logic album, Young Sinatra IV today and I was really inspired by it. He raps on it about sacrificing his 20s so that now in his 30s he doesn’t even have to worry about money at all. I love that. He talks about no matter how old or young you are, if you have a dream you need to work for it, you need to chase it, and that you need to get it yourself because no one else is going to give it to you. I love it.

Every word of it.

The last couple Logic albums didn’t particularly move me like his really early stuff and the Incredible True Story did, but this album really got me going. I totally love it. Amazing stuff. I bumped Wu-Tang Forever in the car this morning going to work and I was out the gate with some awesome freestyles that I had never wrote, and never spoke before.

Once I got to work I grabbed a piece of paper out of the printer and I was writing them down. The day culminated with Tyler and I getting in and recording so I have to say thank you to Logic and thank you to Wu-Tang for getting me, and Tyler going.

It feels good to get inspired.

I’m extremely excited for tomorrow as I have the day off from work (so far) and I am going to be writing raps all day. I need to be prepared for Sunday when we get at it, like jackrabbits.


Keep Chasing &Keep Smiling,


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