Being Wired


Recently I have been considering ending my stream a half an hour an early. Not because I want to stream less, I would like to stream more if I could, however I am finding that I am often extremely wired before I go to bed and I cannot fall asleep fast enough such that I can wake up at a reasonable time in the morning.

I often end up not getting enough sleep such that I sleep in and then I don’t often eat the best breakfast I could, or I have to just buy some fast food before work; which is not only unhealthy but it also adds up.

I will likely mull it over, the next few days, but I think I am leaning towards ending my show at 11:00. This way I have some extra time to slow down in my bed and fall off to sleep. Currently I end the show at 11:30, sometimes later, and then I try to brush my teeth and get ready for bed as fast as I can so I can get enough sleep for tomorrow only to get myself even more wired in the process.

And then I just sit in my bed awake, asking for sleep in futility.

Now, I will be honest my sleep is not that bad right now. When I lived in Washington D.C. it was absolutely terrible. I often did not fall asleep until 3:00 in the morning and that was awful. It’s nothing like that right now, but I also don’t want it to become that again. So I think I am going to be a little bit more responsible and try to get to sleep a tad earlier.

I know it is going to be a little annoying for the stream, and the fans will be bummed that I am offline for 30 more minutes, but I think streaming for 3 and a half hours is still a good amount for a show, and because streaming is a marathon in its nature, I need to make sure I don’t burn out.

I have made this mistake in the past, and I don’t intend do it again.

The goal this year in 2019 is to truly dedicate myself to my show and do it every single day without excuses. The show is absolutely important to me and it must succeed, and thus that means that I have to be wise in how I run it. If I am not keeping myself in a good state for the show, e.g. not getting enough sleep and being too exhausted to stream well after work, then the show obviously will suffer.

Sometimes the best decisions at first seem like they might be harmful to your goal, when in the end they are very supportive. Here it looks like streaming another 30 minutes less every night may be not the best move as it is less time on the air and thus less time to entertain and get my stream out there. But if I burn out because I am too exhausted, as lack of sleep has a way to stack up if one repeatedly fails to get a quality nights rest, then I won’t even be around to stream at all and then no one gets entertained at all. Including me!

I would be the most bummed person out of anyone believe me.

I think for the rest of this week I am going to keep my regular schedule from 7:30 to 11:30 PM and see if I can get my sleep schedule under control such that I can easily wake up early every morning feeling rested. If not, I am going to cut the show shorter by 30 minutes next week and then see how that works out.

Thank you again for all the support, I will see you in the chat later tonight. And for those reading that also feel that they are too exhausted when they wake up or get home from work, try evaluating your sleep schedule as well and see what you could do to improve it. Sometimes small changes to your routine such that you get even just a little bit more sleep can totally transform the next day.

And it any of you succeed, let me know how you did it.


Keep Smiling,


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