How to beat the DMV


While much of the time I write about intellectual topics, or theoretic, things to consider etc., today my post is very practical. Real world real problem talk today.

Today I will teach you how to beat the DMV.

That’s right settle down readers. I know you are on the tip of your toes as to how. Trust me I got you, and the answer is simple.

Wait for bad weather.

Nobody wants to wait outside at the DMV when there is rain. Except for me, and all the intelligent people that I ran into at the DMV today (which were few.) Normally, you could plan on waiting in line for hours, but no so with terrible weather. And what was even better about today was that the real bad weather doesn’t start until later in the afternoon.

But the threat of bad weather did the trick. People that normally would have gone to the DMV today to take care of their respective issues decided to stay at home and wait for another day. I got to tell you, I have never spent less time in a California DMV than I did today. I literally waited in the post office afterwards for almost a longer duration of time. Funnily enough, I ran into a woman that I was in line with at the DMV prior. Pretty crazy coincidence right?

I got her number.

Boom! One win having a short line at the DMV and then, Boom! Second win getting a cute girls number, and then, Boom! Third win when I freestyled this in the car right afterwards to my new friend 80purppp’s beat while driving away in the BMW with my new vanity plate that I picked up today.

“Woke up got a number

I just got another

she a pretty girl yeah

might be baby mother

shoutout to the brother (80!)

future lady lover

getting undercover

but I ain’t undercover yeah”


So far its been a rad day. And I thought it was going to start off bad, just because the entire world know that the DMV is the worst place on earth, and I feared that I would have to spend a good amount of time there. But I had the idea what if it will go quick because the of weather? I decided to give it a shot anyways and the weather the weather no matter whether there was weather or not. (I can’t help but even rap when I write now, its too much fun ya’ll.)

No issues though. My idea worked, so I got my new license plates and then some free time on top. Just enough to get some envelopes and stamps for sending out fan mail as well as time to write a new blog post and grab a coffee. And got a number on top.

The day really can’t get off to a better start can it?

Well now its time to wrap this up and get on going about the regular day. Time to clock out of the blog and block in to the normal job. Then afterwards tonight I’ll get to clock into the fun job. See ya’ll in the chat.


Beat the DMV and keep smiling,


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