Sometimes there is no time


Today has been non-stop. Last night I streamed two and a half hours over my normal time. It was two in the morning by the time I was done. And even worse, I was so wired it was hard to fall asleep. It’s all good though, sometimes that can be a great problem to have. The really is doing well, I am very pleased with what is happening so far.

But today I got up so late. I woke up, shaved, showered and rushed to work. Once at work I just got on the normal grind taking care of accounting and other mundane but necessary tasks to the business. Finally as the day neared its end I rushed over to a local cafe to meet with Tyler so we could work on the rap.

And it’s looking good guys, get ready for Sunday night.

But then I realized I hadn’t even blogged today. Crap, I need to write. Currently, Tyler is writing his own music while I type this up. After I am done with this post, then its back to the lab and we are going to continue working on our music.

Especially since I have been getting back into rap and rapping I have been listening to some new songs. A recent favorite of mine is “Nonstop” by Drake. And because this just embodies to me my work ethic right now. My life is literally nonstop. I wake up, go to work, take care of other work in between work and my show, and then I do my show.

That’s it. Almost every day. Occasionally I get a Saturday off and at least I get Sunday’s off. But that is only my day job, I never take a break with my twitch.

But this, is what I want.

I am extremely excited for this year because I have made the decision to go nonstop. And when this year is over I want to look back on it and say to myself that I made the right decision. And further, I want my friends, family, and my fans to look back on it and agree.

I suggested to Tyler that he do twitch streaming for about an hour every single day. He responded,

“yeah but that is a lot of work.”

I said, fuck yeah it is. It’s work. Look at what I’m doing right now. And right now he is looking over my shoulder as I type about him. Good. It’s time to work this year. We no longer have the time to waste time. So now its time to use our time.

My apologies though for writing this so late, I really need to get my blogs done in the morning. This way they aren’t rushed, because I hate comprising my blogs quality and when I have to fit it into a super packed window I can’t help but have this happen.

So I appreciate everyone bearing with me tonight on the flippancy of this post, I promise something better tomorrow.

Anyway, its back to working nonstop.


Keep Smiling,


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