All the way Up


Yesterday marked a momentous achievement. Something unparalleled in recent twitch history. That is right, you guess it, I clawed my out of Bronze and back into Silver in Rainbow Six Siege.

And God damn did I claw.

About a month ago I decided to come back to PC video gaming and to Rainbow Six Siege. At that time I decided I was playing very casually and so I hopped into my placement matches without even so much as practicing. And further I listened to music throughout most of them.

What a mistake. First for not warming up. And second for not listening to in game sound cues. Well I paid the price. I was ranked Bronze 4. Oh how the mighty had fallen. At one point I was a mighty Platinum 3. Now I was a lowly Bronze. The only thing worse than this was copper.

And then I deranked.

Now I was in the nether regions of Rainbow: the Lowest of lows, the Marianna’s trench of video gaming if you will.

But things were different now. I had returned to streaming everyday, and I had returned to real PC gaming.

And I did not want to be here.

So I started the climb. Working tirelessly to win game after game, only to fail to clutch, or to have a game with teammates who failed me, or worse to encounter the scourge of smurfs.

Up and down were the games, making my way to Bronze 1, almost reaching silver again, but then failing to do so by tanking my rating back to Bronze 4.

But finally the skill returned. Yesterday I won every single game I played. I played well, I encouraged my teammates who performed amazingly in their own right, and I clawed my way all the way back to Silver.

It was a momentous day.

But now that day has passed and it is the next. Time to set a new goal: this time I climb for Gold. And I can do it. In fact I think it might be easier than climbing out of Bronze, chiefly because I think there will be less smurfs.

For those who are wondering a smurf is the Internet term for a strong player who sandbags on account that is ranked much lower than their skill really is.

These people are a scourge. I hate smurfs. They ruin gaming. People that have no business being in their respective divisions just beating up people worse than they are.

To all smurfs reading this. Stop doing it, and pick on someone your own size.

And to those who say they do it to play with their friends, think about the other people you are beating up. Sure you are playing with friends, but what about the other team whose game you are ruining? They are people too.

I remember when I really understood how smurfing was just not right. It was about a year and a half ago. I was working tirelessly all day back when I was living in Oregon. I would get home usually at 11 PM and I would only have 1 hour until I needed to go to bed at midnight. And what did I want to do that whole day while I was working? Get done with work and get home at 11 so I could play one game of counter strike.

That was it. Just one game. That is all the time I had then.

I would get home, start playing, and quickly get destroyed by some player on the other time that was smurfing.

And I was furious.

After all that was the only game I had time for. I couldn’t just play another. I had to go to bed so that I could wake up tomorrow for work. To that smurf it was no big deal, but to me, back then, it honestly ruined my whole day.

All I was looking forward to all day long was to finish work and play one game, and then this asshole ruined it. Then and there I realized how wrong smurfing is.

You don’t know who is on the other side of the screen or what they are going through, so please just play our own rank. And if that means you can’t play ranked with your friends so be it. Play casual with them or something. Remember there are other people out there too.

And dealing with the smurfs these past few weeks in bronze has been really annoying. But hopefully in silver it will slow down. St least I hope. Regardless I will crawl my through and get to gold.

And then next season I won’t fuck around in my placement matches. I’m not making that mistake again.

Well, it’s off to work for me, I will see hopefully see some of you in the stream later tonight and you can’t watch me crawl

All the way up.

Don’t smurf and keep smiling,


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