What a Coincidence


Today is Sunday, and it was a sleepy one. I have still been fighting off this cold I caught after the end of the Holiday Season, so I was just sleeping in as much as I could this morning. I see my phone vibrate. I don’t really want to check it, even though its 11:30 in the morning. (I told you I was sleeping in)

I look anyways and it’s my buddy Daniel. He works at my local Best Buy and he says that he has one pair of Apple AirPods in stock and that he has it hidden away just for me. I really wanted to buy a pair of these as a few friends of mine have purchased them and they have been raving to me about them. I tell Daniel that I’m on my way and I will see him at the store soon.

As I am putting on my shoes just about to get in my car, I get another phone call. This time it’s from my brother Tony. I pick up the call and say good morning. He asks me what I’m up to and I tell him that I am just heading out to go to Best Buy to get some Apple AirPods. Tony then says to me that this is in fact actually what he was calling me about.


Me: “AirPods? Really?”

Tony: “Yeah, I want to get them for you for Christmas, I knew you wanted a pair.”


Well, I surely couldn’t argue with that! I told him I would meet him at the store. Fifteen minutes later I arrived and saw him waiting for me out front. The two of us go inside and boom! just like that Daniel shows me where he tucked the AirPods away and Tony blessed me with a fantastic Christmas Present.

Now, I have only had these wireless earbuds for about three hours so far, but I can already tell you that I absolutely love them. The double tap function that works with Siri is particularly amazing. I never used Siri prior to this. Now I have already used her more in the past three hours than I have in my entire life. (And yes, Siri is a HER)

I really am digging these things. I even used the double tap to call Tony to thank him especially.


But you know what I like the most about this gift. It’s that Tony wanted to get me something he knew that I wanted. This gift was not cheap. It ran him about 175$. And I would know, I was right there when he purchased it.

Ir really means a lot that he did this for me. Tony decided that he wanted to get me something that he knew I would enjoy for Christmas. (These things were totally sold out prior to and currently still are in a lot of areas by the way.  I tried to purchase a pair a few days ago but none were to be found anywhere. The way that I got my hands on one today was because someone came in and returned a pair. The packaging was never even opened though, the product was never used. Shoutout to Daniel AKA GojiraTV) And I really am enjoying them, Tony chose well.

Honestly getting a gift for me can be tough, I think. Its actually because of my nature. I am viciously determined. (Watch my stream this year chat, I’m up next. Every night from 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Pacific at www.twitch.tv/nolantv btw) When I want something I get it so quickly other people don’t have the time to react to get it for me as a gift. Consequently, there isn’t much out there that people can give me that I really want. And that is totally my fault! But Tony, took action and made it happen! This should teach me to be more patient lol. This definitely was one of the best Christmas presents I have received, and it’s because I know the mindset behind the gift.

On Christmas Day I gave Tony a watch that I knew he would like and indeed he did. But on that day, he didn’t have a gift for me. And this didn’t upset me, some times people aren’t in a place to give gifts. Things are going on so they don’t get around to it, or they just don’t have the funds. You can never really know what’s going on in other people’s lives, especially around the Holidays. (It’s the best or worst time of the year for people) But I could tell that day that Tony really wanted to get me something nice in return. He saw the gifts I gave him and his family and how I had found particular gifts that were oriented towards each person based on it being something that I thought they wanted. I got Dan a book, which was the cheapest of all of my gifts, but it was political in nature so I knew that he would appreciate it. I got Tony a nice watch, which was much more expensive than Dan’s book, but I knew it was something that he would like and appreciate. I could tell that Tony saw this and that he wanted to do the same for me: get me a gift that was something that I would particularly enjoy, and not just something that could be given to anyone. And so he committed. He remembered that I had talked to him about Apple AirPods one day and that I was interested in them. In fact, I had completely forgotten that I talked to him about it. When he told me that he wanted to get them for me I said,


Nolan: “how did you know I wanted them?”

Tony: “Because you told me.”


Thanks for listening Tony. You can’t put a price tag on friends who do this.

But seriously, this gift was about twice what I got him. He stepped it up. My only worry is that he felt guilty about that he didn’t have something for me on Christmas, such that he felt the need to go big or go home. Tony if you are reading this, I absolutely love this gift. But know this, all I ever want from you are gifts that you know I would enjoy and are particular to me. The book you gave me a few years ago, The 4 Hour Work Week, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck are still one of the best gifts I have ever received. So, don’t ever feel locked into getting me expensive gifts. Though I will tell you, I really appreciate that you weren’t stopped by the price tag for this gift. You really went in to getting this gift with the sole intention of getting me what I wanted, and you didn’t let other factors stop you. I appreciate that tremendously.

But this gift is so legit, just take it easy on my birthday. (Since it’s coming up soon) You can just get me a Starbucks gift card or something. And not with 100$ on it, more like 25$. Just take it easy! Love you dude.


To conclude this post, as I am currently writing it in a Starbucks (feel free to send me gift cards everyone, they will be used and appreciated) while listening to Breakbeat Trance on Spotify through my new Apple AirPods, Christmas really is a magical time of year. And it really is about giving, not receiving. I am much happier with all the gifts that I gave this season, much more so than with what I received. And not because I received poor gifts. Quite the contrary! It’s just as I wrote in my earlier post about how I entered adulthood. The spirit of giving, and showing your friends that you care about them such that you want them to have something they will enjoy and appreciate, feels a thousand times better than receiving something.

And that’s why I am so excited about this gift from Tony. He got into the Christmas spirit of giving such that he came through for me to get me something that I really wanted, despite a seriously hefty price tag. That really showed his friendship to me and that means much more to me than these little things in my ears ever could.


So cheers to close friends, and all those that are there for you. Don’t forget to tell them that you care about them, and if they got you something for Christmas make sure you write them a thank you note.

Seriously people, do not forget to write thank you notes. Especially for gifts given in the Holiday Season. That’s the biggest fuck you in the world. Don’t be that guy lol.


Keep Smiling,


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