The Comedown

The Holidays are a fantastic time. You get to see your loved ones, your friends, and reconnect with so many people. It’s filled with parties, presents, and all sorts of joy. But eventually, the time comes to an end and you find yourself

absolutely wasted.

All it took was one day after for the comedown to hit and man I got to tell you I got sick.

I could feel it coming that day after Christmas. I was moving a little slower, work was harder to focus on, and then by the time the night hit my throat was killing me and it was apparent that I had finally caught the bug that was going around.

So much fun right?

Well, there was nothing I could do at this point except rest, and rest hard. I stayed in bed today until 2:30. Using minimal energy I tactically played my body’s immune system. The less stress I exert on it, the quicker I will heal.

And this has been working. I feel much better now than I did last night, but at this point I realized that I needed to eat. So I got up and decided to move on out to a nearby cafe. I personally find that going outside the house helps me a lot when I am feeling sick. When I go outside when I am sick I feel that it makes me sort of get it together and tough out the sickness some more. A show must go on mentality of sorts. I’m not sure of whether this actually holds any truth or not, but it’s just how I feel.

So now, my food finally came to me and I am going to chow down and get some calories in my system to fight this bug. Hopefully I am all better by tomorrow and I can get back to the same old same old.


Stay healthy and Keep Smiling,


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