Just Remember


(Time is Running Out. Christmas is tomorrow)

Starting last year I became an adult. How so you might ask? Well, I made the transition from receiving Christmas gifts to giving them.

Thats right, Nolan has entered adulthood.

But let’s get one thing straight. The Holiday Season is not really about getting or granting gifts. It is about being around loved ones, more poignantly being remembered.

It is that time of year to let people know that you do think of them. This year I have done a very good job at getting the people close to me a gift. Not necessarily expensive (although a few were), but more importantly something that is related to them. Don’t just go get gifts that anyone give (this is okay if it is for someone not that close or you just simply do not know what to get), but for people that are special to you, they should deserve a special gift.

Put some time into it.

And also don’t think about the price. Everything in life comes with a price. Except friendship, its priceless. Think about it. It’s not that friendship costs nothing; in fact its quite the contrary. Friendship is so valuable you cannot put a price tag on it.

So do not be afraid or unwilling to spend some money on your friends. If you aren’t willing to do that, some friend you are.

Now I understand that some people don’t have money for gifts. Sometimes times are tough. But every year? If you reading this are someone who doesn’t have money for gifts for those close to you this year I want you to resolve to budget some money throughout this year so that during the next Holiday Season you have some to spend on gifts.

And when you get gifts that move your friends. The return is priceless. Giving a gift to a close friend is not a sunk cost. It is an investment. It pays dividends.

Friendships must be maintained, otherwise they die. Don’t let them die. Work at it, get something for your friends. It could be anything. It could be expensive, it could also be on the cheaper side.

But most importantly it should be important. Something to let those people know that you think of them, you know them, and that you remember them.


Keep Remembering,


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