Keep Smiling

Standing out here in Hollywood.

I look to my right, (your left)

And I think to myself

Keep Smiling Everyone

Keep Smiling.


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Late Night Blogging

It’s been a long day; but a good one. I accomplished much today. I returned the desk and dresser that I didn’t like to IKEA and I found two more suitable replacements for my room.

I wasn’t able to quite get to assembling them though as a few other jobs and errands came up before I could. I ended up getting home late and I thought maybe I should just do it tomorrow.

But then I thought no.

If I keep putting it off I will just keep putting it off, and soon tomorrow will becomes the next and then these boxes of stuff will just take up space around the house.

So I stayed up late working on assembling all the furniture. It’s been taking a while but it has been fun. I put on the album “Run” by Alison Wonderland and I have been listening to it on repeat. Man I gotta tell you,

I love her.

Alison if you are reading this feel free to reach out. Would love a backstage pass to one of your shows. Tell you what Alison, I’ll write you a whole blog, all about you and my love for your music. Not just this half blog love piece. You would get a full blog.

But I want those tickets first. Hit me up on my insta at

(Non-Alisons are welcome to follow me and reach out as well.)

Anyways back to the building. I have assembled tonight a desk (my second one actually – I returned the first one), a stepstool that turned out to be harder than expected, and a shoe cabinet. Now I have the final piece left:

A dresser.

Oh man it will be nice when I am done. I will finally be able to get some sleep.

But first I am enjoying this midnight view while I sip some water.

Then back to it.

Talk to you tomorrow, Keep Smiling everyone.


A Rare Shot

Here we see the “LaTow.”

A wild beast amongst the jungle of Los Angeles.

The beast prays on unsuspecting, and sometimes foolish, lesser critters.

Ah he has caught one!

Gleefully the LaTow brings his catch to his den.

Dinner is served.

Keep Smiling,


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Thank you!