The King is Back

It has been a while since I gamed. I used to be hardcore, playing every day, but then I got too burned out. I played so much I really was not interested in video games that much anymore.

But then the new call of duty came out and I got roped in all over again. I really love call of duty by the way. It brings me back to high school. Getting out of class and going home and playing death match with my friends. We had some really good times back then.

Every time I go in a death match it almost takes me back to those days.

I messaged my friend John trying to encourage him to get the game. Our senior year of high school we both would dominate cod modern warfare two games. It’s actually how the two of is really became friends. That’s the biggest reason why cod is special to me. I really did make a good life long friend over that game.

Now I just have to get him into this new one.

On top of that my skill has been returning. Yesterday I had my first truly savage game where I went 42 and 3.

Yes 42 kills, 3 deaths. I was the team lol. It felt good. Very good.

And additionally I streamed it too! As well as a blackout squads win. So yesterday was a good day.

I’ll end with that.

Can’t wait to see you guys in the stream soon, find me at

Keep Smiling,


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