Late Night Blogging

It’s been a long day; but a good one. I accomplished much today. I returned the desk and dresser that I didn’t like to IKEA and I found two more suitable replacements for my room.

I wasn’t able to quite get to assembling them though as a few other jobs and errands came up before I could. I ended up getting home late and I thought maybe I should just do it tomorrow.

But then I thought no.

If I keep putting it off I will just keep putting it off, and soon tomorrow will becomes the next and then these boxes of stuff will just take up space around the house.

So I stayed up late working on assembling all the furniture. It’s been taking a while but it has been fun. I put on the album “Run” by Alison Wonderland and I have been listening to it on repeat. Man I gotta tell you,

I love her.

Alison if you are reading this feel free to reach out. Would love a backstage pass to one of your shows. Tell you what Alison, I’ll write you a whole blog, all about you and my love for your music. Not just this half blog love piece. You would get a full blog.

But I want those tickets first. Hit me up on my insta at

(Non-Alisons are welcome to follow me and reach out as well.)

Anyways back to the building. I have assembled tonight a desk (my second one actually – I returned the first one), a stepstool that turned out to be harder than expected, and a shoe cabinet. Now I have the final piece left:

A dresser.

Oh man it will be nice when I am done. I will finally be able to get some sleep.

But first I am enjoying this midnight view while I sip some water.

Then back to it.

Talk to you tomorrow, Keep Smiling everyone.


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