Hustling on the Gram

So It’s been a few weeks now that I have been working hard on instagram. And it’s been hard work, to be completely honest.

I’ve learned some tips and tricks; you know when to post, and what hashtags to use, and to switch it up. But the best advice I could really give to someone that is interested in building a following is making sure to post at least once a day. Maybe even twice sometimes.

But at least once.

It’s going to take a long time until people know you are out there but if you work at it regularly you will start to build a following. And it really does start to gather. I’m well over 500 followers at this point and I’m getting to close to 600. When I get to 1,000 I’m going to be very proud of myself.

So onward ho to building my instagram, and thank you to everyone who helps me get there. Follow me at

Keep Smiling,


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