Get Surfing

Bought some soft racks from Dive N Surf last week. Shout out to @tkruger7 thanks for the help! The racks worked like a champ and got me down Torrance beach no problem. When I sold my Subaru and bought my BMW I really wasn’t planning on doing things like surfing so I didn’t even think about the need to transport things like surfboards. But then when I wanted to get into it I realized I was in an tricky situation since I now lacked a good car for lifestyle activities. But that’s where Dive N Surf came in and recommended soft racks for my car. Then don’t take much time to set up and and then are easy to take off so I don’t have my 435 having permanent racks on it at all times. And I gotta say, driving around a BMW with a surfboard on it does feel pretty cool. A little out of the ordinary but that’s how I like it.

Keep Smiling,


Photo credit @aline.jeanne

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