Venom is going be a cult hit

I saw the venom movie last week and I got to say that it was fantastic. I’m really over what most movie critics say these days as it was panned. They can go stick it. The movie was very enjoyable, Tom hardy did a fantastic job, and the go between Eddie Brock and venom was hilarious. The lines were great, plot was enjoyable, and it was just all around fun. I already can not wait for the sequel, and honestly I am not really into superhero movies. But I will admit I have always loved venom. In fact the original six issue venom series are the only comic books I own. Very proud to say that I do own them. So hipster. To sum it all up, I highly recommend going to see venom if you haven’t. It’s a great flick and surprisingly, unlike most marvel movies, this movie has replay value. It’s going to be a cult hit. So see it now so you can say you saw it before everyone else did.

Keep Smiling, and eat the critics heads off,


Photo credit @aline.jeanne

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