Bright Colors

The other day Tony and I went over to the yellow vase for lunch and a coffee. My mother had been telling me about it for a while now that it was one of her favorite places. It’s tucked away in this corner of Malaga Cove that I never even knew existed. Really cute place, the food was fantastic, and as always it was instagrammable. Ever since I started to get into instagram I have started to pay attention to what makes a place, especially a restaurant, instagrammable. The first thing I notice with places I visit are the colors. Often enough that is what makes me more drawn to one place over another. I love how this restaurant has bright yellow all over it. It’s on the table mats, the umbrellas, the signs, and on the cups and accessories. It really adds a special flair that would otherwise be lost if they were normal run of the mill color patterns. That being said, the food was also fantastic in addition to the atmosphere. Tony and I will definitely be back.

Keep smiling,


Photo credit @therealtoneee

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