Wishing I was on a beach somewhere

One of those days where I was wishing I was on a beach somewhere. I’m currently on a short break from work, so thought This photo would be a fitting post. When I was younger I hardly ever went to the beach, I don’t particularly know why. Presumably because it was so close to me I took it for granted. But when life changed and I moved away I realized how I had missed out on the opportunity. Now that I am back living in California I am very proud to say that I have begun taking advantage of the beach. I’m doing my best to not take things for granted now. Now, I know I will never fully succeed in this. I am human after all and I will definitely take things for granted for the rest of my life, but hopefully I won’t do that as much as a I have in the past.

Wishing I was on a beach somewhere,

Keep Smiling,


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