Just let it go… and don’t go back.

So originally I was going to write a rage post about how the service was absolutely terrible at this restaurant and that I’m never going back there again. And this is true. It was terrible and I won’t go back; but I don’t need to explain down to every detail and whine about it. If you go somewhere and the service is poor, move on. Over time if the service remains the same the business will eventually fall under. If it was a rare occurrence, then they lose a customer or two, but they don’t repeat the mistake (at least often) and that’s just how it is. Nothing is perfect in this life, including restaurants. Yeah it sucked and was not a good experience but at the end of the day, it was just one of those days. The whole experience had me thinking more about how it strangely let me get so mad when normally I am calm (even when things go wrong/bad). I found that getting so angry wasn’t so advantageous and thankfully I realized I just needed to cool it and not join the legions or overly-zealous yelp crusaders. And hey at least I got this cool photo.

Keep Smiling,


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