H1Z1 on Playstation 4


Recently I heard that H1Z1 was free to play on Playstation 4 so I decided why not? I mean if it’s free then I have nothing to lose, except my time, which is somewhat valuable?

Now a bit about me, I am what I would like to call an H1Z1 veteran. I remember playing this game when it came out on PC years ago. Back then it was revolutionary as it was one of the very first Battle Royale games, and arguably the first mainstream one. This was the problem. Because the game was so popular and the developed Daybreak was making so much money off of it, they got lazy.

H1Z1 had tons of bugs. The way the players moved, getting stuck in doors, hackers, and just all-around sloppiness. But the game was labeled “early access” so no one cared. Personally, when I see a game called “early access” I just think “piece of shit lazy developers that use this title to excuse themselves from having to accept criticism.” I mean how many years does a game have to be in “early access” before it’s actually released as the fucking game.

Anyways, Daybreak messed up. They owned the battle Royale market. But eventually a competitor arrived on the scene, namely Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This titan of a game was so much better than H1Z1 and thus it absorbed their player base almost overnight. Now there were still some players left in H1Z1, but not many. Unfortunately Fortnite (another Battle Royale) came along as well and took a few more of their small pool of remaining players.

I remember how easy it was to get into an H1Z1 game. The lobby would fill up instantly, but now I would wait sometimes 10 minutes or longer to get in a game. And what was worse was that only the die hard players remained in the servers. I would wait 10 minutes to get in only to get wasted in moments by a basically pro player. The barrier to entry was now massive. There was no room for new players.

Now I am a particularly determined person, so I held out and kept practicing and I eventually hit the Masters Rank. This is was the second best rank bracket, and I am proud of it. Now it wasn’t Royalty, but hitting that is another level of skill.

Anyways I got tired of H1. I just moved on and played Fortnite. But the building mechanics of fortnite never really were my favorite and I always longed to play another battle royale where it was just a shooter without anything else.

Then I saw on Playstation 4 that H1 was free. So I said why not. And I am very glad I decided to give it another ago. It is honestly another game entirely. The map may be the same, but the way it plays is totally new. Lots of new loot crates that you can easily access in the game due to beacons allow for easier access to getting the better weapons. And they are better. Going to the crates makes H1 that fast paced battle royale that it is. Further, they changed how the helmets work. You can now only wear one at a time, versus storing infinite amounts in your backpack and allowing PC players to macro fast and constantly keep their armor on. That was extremely frustrating.

The new H1Z1 for playstation is much more casual friendly, and I argue this is a very good thing. The fact that H1 on PC was basically a pros only game was the reason that no one played it. Not everyone is going to be a God at a game. You need pros and noobs too. And speaking frankly, you need more pros than noobs for a game to be successful. This new version of Playstation is much better. It is easy to pick it up and play a few games, and grab some actual kills. The total opposite experience from trying hopelessly to battle pros on the PC version.

And it’s free too. You can’t beat that. Give it a shot everyone. You got nothing to lose! (Except for your time, which may or may not be valuable.)


Keep Smiling,


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