Day 1 at the Gym… Again

A couple days ago I signed up for a gym membership at 24 hour fitness. Now this is not a new experience to me. I have signed up for many gyms of which I never used. I barely used the YMCA in high school, and then I barely used my school’s gym in college, and then I barely used Gold’s Gym, and then I barely used the JCC, and then I barely used LA Fitness.

Now it is time to not barely use 24 hour fitness but rather actually use it. We will see how it goes.

My gym experience is going to depend on two things. One, self-discipline, but then two, on having friends to go work out with. I personally hate doing non-work related things by myself. I love going out to eat with a friend, or a movie, or the gym etc. as long as I have someone to hang out with. Coffee shops are excluded, I can do those alone. But other than that sign me up wit a pal and then I am ready to go.

Today was fun though. Tony and I went in and worked on our lower and upper back, biceps, and abs. I got a solid workout in as well because Tony was pushing me. This is exactly what I need to get a real workout because if I am alone, I always just wimp out. But thanks to Tony I got it real good this time.

We also ran into another person we went to High School with. Tony was friends with him, I knew the name but never had met him. It was very cool finally getting to meet him. Really nice guy. And super tall too. I mean he made Tony look short, so you know this dude is Tall.

He invited us to play Volleyball with him in the coming weeks. I am down. Volleyball is fun, except I totally know that I am going to get spiked in the face by him but that’s okay. It will probably be a friendly spike. If that is a thing.

To sum it up, the experience today was a great. I actually got a work out today and I had a good time with Tony. I even made a new friend and had another message me on instagram letting me know that he is a member, so there are even more friends to go work out with. Exactly what I wanted.

My goal is to keep at it with the gym for a while. Build some discipline or myself as well as some muscle. And a six-pack. I have always wanted a six-pack but I always just gave up with exercise. Time to get it straight and just commit to it. Besides, I hear ladies are into that sort of thing?

Until next time everybody.


Keep Smiling,


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