Some thoughts on Friendship


Today I uploaded a routine Instagram post, and like I do for most of my instagram posts, I thought about what the picture made me feel. I looked at this photo of me sitting in the Carrera coffee shop on Melrose and I thought about how nice that day was hanging out with my friend.

It got me thinking about the years before where I really didn’t have friends. And not because I was not social or anything of that nature, but more because I was living in a remote location, or because I was away at school. In these scenarios I wasn’t surrounded by friends because of me, but more because of my circumstances. Nonetheless I was particularly friendless.

When I was much younger, friendship was something that I had taken for granted. You get up, go to school, and hang out with your friends. That is just how it goes right? Super simple and easy. But then life moves on. You graduate high school, go to different colleges or get different jobs. Some friends get married, others move, and even some sadly die. Regardless, life changes and you realize that those friends that you took for granted were very special.

It is not easy to replace true friends. Finding people that you can really spend a lot of time with and enjoy each other’s company is challenging. Sure, it is easy to find someone that you can be with for a bit, here and there, but to find friends that become true companions, those that go with you anywhere and everywhere, that is a different story.

So as I say to all nice things, cheers to true friends, those that you can take to new and old places alike. Cherish them and do not take them for granted. Spend all the time you can with them.

And of course take some cool photos together for the instagram. 😉


Keep Smiling,


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