Thinking too Much


Everybody thinks too much. I do too. That’s actually the source for this post. I was wondering what to write about, and then I thought that’s it right there. Thinking.

Sure it is good to think, but like my previous post about ideas versus reality, you need to actually do things. Thinking is great when it leads to doing, but when it becomes the reason you do not do something, or it causes you to not do something properly, then you have a problem.

So many people never ask out that girl or guy they like because they think about how they have to do it the right way, or what will happen if you say the wrong thing, or that they need to wait for the right moment. All that really is required is just going for it. Don’t spend forever thinking about it this and that and then messing it up. And by the way in my opinion the biggest way to mess things up is not even try them.

It may be cliche, but Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” rings true. Not acting is a failure. So remember that next time you see someone you want to ask out. If you don’t go for it that is worse than being rejected. If you get rejected at least you tried.

So don’t overthink scenarios like that. Just give them a shot and see what happens. And if it does not go the way you would have hoped, at least you have a learning experience and you can then extract a lesson from it. I mean, hopefully.

I used the example of a date for this post because it is an example of thinking too much that I know a lot of readers would be able to relate to. Most of us have been there, thinking about asking someone on a date but we didn’t because we focused so much on what we thought could go wrong versus actually going for it. So let that be the example of what not to do. Life is about doing. Don’t wait for the perfect situation to line up, or think about things so much that nothing ever comes of them.

If I always operated that way my blog would not exist. Sure I bet some posts would be better, and definitely more structured, but then I might not even have a blog. The beauty of any blog is that I just write when something comes into my head or when I sit down at my computer. I don’t think too much, I just do.

And that is something I recommend to everyone. Stop thinking so much, just get to doing. And if you make mistakes, that is how it goes. Learn from them, and do again.


Keep Smiling,


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