Having a Restaurant to call home

I’ve never been that guy that goes to “his bar.” I barely drink anyway so I thought what’s the point of going to a bar? But then I found Ryo Zan Paku.

It’s the perfect little place. My brother Alex, who has been a frequent patron of Ryo for a long time introduced me to the place. I really loved it, but I never went there on my own or anything.

Then one day I was in between jobs and I decided to stop by and grab a quick bite to eat while I read a book.

Then I was hooked. The owner Koji befriended me and soon roped me into the fantatsic place that is Ryo. I have never been able to quite escape, and that has been fine with me.

The food is fantatsic, it’s the most authentic Japanese cuisine I have ever had and it’s not expensive either! I know that’s the real kicker. Most of the time Japanese food costs you an arm and a leg, but not here. Thank you Koji!

The interior decor of the place is another great part of the place. It literally is exactly how an Izakaya (Japanese pub) looks like on Japan. And the way I know this is true is because I have talked to multiple Japanese patrons who tell me they come to Ryo because it makes them feel like they are back in Japan.

You sure as hell can’t beat that vibe.

So if you are ever in Los Angeles, in the South Bay area, you must stop by Ryo Zan Paku. It’s simply fantastic. You might even get to meet me, I’m here all the time.

Now I’m wrapping this post up to eat some sushi with my brothers,

Keep Smiling,


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