Back to the sea, for the first time.


I was born and raised in Southern California, so you would think that I was a big surfer when I was a kid. But not true. In fact, I barely ever went. I can count the amount of times I rode a surf board on one hand; and the amount times I actually got up on the board and caught a wave is even less.

But I have done it before. So I am not that bad.

Recently my brother Tony and I decided that we wanted to start surfing. We already had boards, we just never actually went. Today changed that. We got our boards in our cars, I slipped into my new wetsuit, and we headed down to the beach. Along with Aline too, who took some beautiful photos of us. She is a natural photographer by the way. With the shots she got, you would think that we are natural surfers, but in reality the surf sucked and there weren’t any waves to catch at all.

But, we got out there. And that was the real accomplishment. Today we could have just put it off like we have done so many times in the past, but no we actually got ready, drove to the beach, and went into the Pacific Ocean. And it was nice. Especially for me. My wetsuit (4/3) kept me insanely warm. I wasn’t cold at all. I am loving this thing. I can’t wait to get back out in the water again with it. It’s the next best thing to being in a Jacuzzi.

Okay, not that warm, but you get the idea. In short, its freaking awesome. And I am extremely proud of that fact that now I actually am a Californian who surfs; even if I suck currently. At least I actually surf. This way now when I tell people I am from California they don’t get disappointed learning that I don’t surf. It’s time to get people excited about SoCal stereotypes.


Shaka Brah (keep smiling in Surf-Speak),



About a week ago I made a resolution to write a blog every day for at least a year. And I am going to stick to it. Sometimes the blogs Mays be extra short because the day got away from me (like today) but nonetheless there will be a post so I keep true to my word.

I find that getting in a routine is the most important thing, that way it becomes normal and then you do it without thinking. If you brush your teeth every say it just becomes what you do, versus being a chore.

So cheers to continuing to be consistent with my blog. Right now it is challenging sometimes to write posts, but soon it will be second nature.

Hopefully lol.

Keep smiling,


The Trial Today

dc sunset

I honestly did not plan on listening to the Kavanaugh hearing today. I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I am that interested in politics right now,” and “it is probably just going to make me mad anyways.”

Well I was wrong about both thoughts. First, I realized just how interested in Politics I am (especially when at times I say that I am not) and Second, that I was not mad.

I was infuriated.

This whole trial is out of control. I strongly agree with Senator Lindsey Graham in his claims that the media and the Democrats that they are out of destroy this man’s life. This trial really bothered me for a couple reasons. First, where is the evidence that Kavanaugh actually did what his accuser says? I understand that she says that he groped her, and I do not doubt that she may believe it, but where is the hard proof? Many of the people that she says were witnesses at the party deny that there was a such a party, and if it did happen that Kavanaugh was not present; and thus not with her.

The thing that alarms me is that the media has gone absolutely wild with only claims. Not proof. Just claims. What kind of reporting is this? This man’s reputation has been totally destroyed in so many people’s eyes because of these claims. This is just wrong on the media’s part. What happened to the America where we looked at people as innocent until proven guilty?

I don’t see that America right now. In fact it sure looks the other way. And that is unbelievably scary.

And further, these claims are how old? 32 years ago? And they just surfaced as he was nominated to the Supreme Court? Not during all his other jobs that required background checks? I mean serious things can happen in high school that should not be overlooked, but give me a break here.

The evidence of what happened that night, if anything truly happened, is scant if even there at all. Further, it happened over thirty years ago and there are no other accusers of Kavanaugh at any other stages in his life. I am not saying bad behavior should be excused completely due to age, but let’s get real. Kids and Teenagers do dumb things that they may never ever do again in their adult lives. Shit, I was a loud-mouthed offensive piece of shit back in the day when I was in high school. I talked crap over the internet (and only the internet I might add, because I knew I could get away with being a prick since no one could punch me through my computer screen) but I realized that I was being a little rebellious asshole by the time I got through my first semester of college.

And that was my learning experience. Now, if I had decided to carry on my punk-ass behavior for years after and into my college and post-college adult life, that would definitely be something that an outside party could use to argue that I am not a very good person. But that is not who I am, and I let all my other life experiences and friends corroborate that than the few times I was a douchebag over the internet.

But what would happen if I ran for political office? Oh my God, my name would be dragged through the mud because I was truly at one point in my life a little shit. It was a short while, but I was so. And that would probably be enough to ruin my reputation.

And you know what? Most people have something somewhere in their past that they would rather keep secret. Is this what America is going to do now? Look and look and look until they find something bad, then magnify it to be the worst crime ever committed, and then ruin everyone’s reputation?

Senator Graham remarked that the way these hearings are going, all the good natured people that we should like to have represent us in Politics aren’t going to ever want to be any part of it. After all, who would want their reputations absolutely destroyed over exaggerations, ancient issues, or things that never may have even happened?

We will see how it all goes and find out if Kavanaugh makes it to the Supreme Court, but regardless what has happened to this man, this is just wrong. I am, and will forever be against sexual criminals and abhorrent behavior, but I am, and will forever be a supporter of that in America people are innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way around.

Allegations and claims are not enough. And further if bad things are true, they must be proportionately bad to merit the treatment they deserve. This woman not accused Kavanaugh of actually raping her, but that she was thinking he was going to rape her. Which he did not; even in her story if everything she says is true, which is also highly doubtful.

In the end it is a sad state for American politics, and I think Senator Graham hit the nail on the head. This is a sham.


Keep Smiling,



Day 1 at the Gym… Again

A couple days ago I signed up for a gym membership at 24 hour fitness. Now this is not a new experience to me. I have signed up for many gyms of which I never used. I barely used the YMCA in high school, and then I barely used my school’s gym in college, and then I barely used Gold’s Gym, and then I barely used the JCC, and then I barely used LA Fitness.

Now it is time to not barely use 24 hour fitness but rather actually use it. We will see how it goes.

My gym experience is going to depend on two things. One, self-discipline, but then two, on having friends to go work out with. I personally hate doing non-work related things by myself. I love going out to eat with a friend, or a movie, or the gym etc. as long as I have someone to hang out with. Coffee shops are excluded, I can do those alone. But other than that sign me up wit a pal and then I am ready to go.

Today was fun though. Tony and I went in and worked on our lower and upper back, biceps, and abs. I got a solid workout in as well because Tony was pushing me. This is exactly what I need to get a real workout because if I am alone, I always just wimp out. But thanks to Tony I got it real good this time.

We also ran into another person we went to High School with. Tony was friends with him, I knew the name but never had met him. It was very cool finally getting to meet him. Really nice guy. And super tall too. I mean he made Tony look short, so you know this dude is Tall.

He invited us to play Volleyball with him in the coming weeks. I am down. Volleyball is fun, except I totally know that I am going to get spiked in the face by him but that’s okay. It will probably be a friendly spike. If that is a thing.

To sum it up, the experience today was a great. I actually got a work out today and I had a good time with Tony. I even made a new friend and had another message me on instagram letting me know that he is a member, so there are even more friends to go work out with. Exactly what I wanted.

My goal is to keep at it with the gym for a while. Build some discipline or myself as well as some muscle. And a six-pack. I have always wanted a six-pack but I always just gave up with exercise. Time to get it straight and just commit to it. Besides, I hear ladies are into that sort of thing?

Until next time everybody.


Keep Smiling,