Don’t be petty


I have found that it can be real easy to get involved in petty behavior. Once you get comfortable you can start easing into drama, and this isn’t good. Working in a corporate environment is new to me, and as such it has been a new learning experience. At first I was the new guy, so most of my time was spent meeting all the people at the dealership and in the departments. But over time as I became a regular worker and some other people have been hired, fired, quit etc. I found myself more established and then more comfortable.

But that is when I started to get involved in petty things. You know, the he said, she said bullshit. And it is not worth it. Even when people screw you over, it is so much better to just look past it and continue doing your job. And that is what I came to realize. I was starting to get wrapped up in wasting my time with drama as well as becoming a jerk, when the only thing I should be wrapped up in is figuring out how to sell cars.

And that is the real moral of the story. Just focus on your work or the appropriate tasks at hand. Focusing on other people and drama is not only a waste of time, it is only going to make more problems.

Just work, and don’t be petty.


Keep Smiling,


Got the Promotion

nolanbmwSorry everyone, I have not posted in a long time. A little under two months I started working for South Bay BMW. It has been my first time ever working in the auto industry and I am very proud to say that the first car brand I was employed by was and is BMW.

For close to two months I worked in the Business Develop Center (B.D.C.) for South Bay BMW. I would follow up on leads (chiefly ones from the internet) and work to schedule them for an appointment with a client advisor (fancy term for salesman). After close to two months of work I received my first promotion to the fleet sales department where I now work as an associate to veteran BMW Salesman Steve Marx.

I am very excited for the new job, and as of now I have just finished moving in my new things to my desk. Currently as it is day one for me, all the systems and things needed for to work are not yet quite running so I have a tiny bit of down time that I thought would be suitable for a post.

And a post has been long overdue.

But for good reason! I have been busy working my ass off these past two months, and I am very fortunate to say that. I have come to realize that working is absolutely critical. Especially for men. It is fundamental to most men having stable levels of self-esteem and self-worth.

TLDR: Get a job. And do good at it.

Now that I have a desk, I will try to post more regularly, maybe in the mornings before I start my work, or maybe some times after. Thank you again to all who read my blog, or have watched my show over the years, I am sorry for being a ghost for the last months and I promise to work a little bit harder at staying in touch with you all.

I am very excited for the future, and if any of you live in Southern California, you better get in touch with me and buy a BMW from my team.


Keep Smiling,



P.S. Got a new ride. It’s a little bit faster than my Subaru was 😉