Chugging along


I find that in life it is important to keep moving. Just don’t stop, just keep chugging along. Sometimes there are good days, sometimes there are alright days, and sometimes there are bad days. The bad days are the ones to really focus on here. Or rather I should say, not focus on.

I think people, and myself as well, too often focus on something bad that happened and make it seem like its going to be the worst thing in the world. But really, often it is not that bad and it also is usually a stand-alone event. Meaning, it is not a pattern. If bad events don’t happen regularly then you are very fortunate.

Think about that. I am not saying that bad things won’t happen to you. They do and they will. Because this is the case it is good to mentally prepare yourself for when they will happen. If you know they are going to occur try to use this knowledge and take them with a grain of salt. If you get knocked down just get back up and keep on walking. Don’t let one unfortunate event get you down.

Just keep chugging along.

Now, sometimes there is a pattern of bad events, in which case that is a whole different story. But even then it is still best to keep chugging along, albeit maybe in a new direction haha!

Nevertheless the moral of my post today is pretty simple and that it is to be tough and to be determined. If you have a goal, or are looking towards something start working towards it. And don’t stop. Things will get in the way, some days will be better than others, but that is all part of it. And when you finally chug along so much that you reach your destination, it is going to feel amazing.

Because you suffered to get there. If it was easy, and if you didn’t have any stumbling blocks then it wasn’t ever hard to achieve to begin with. Then it was no big deal.

But when you chug along through all the bullshit then the triumph is more than worth it. So remember, just keep on chugging along.


Keep Smiling,


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