“You are too valuable to die”


A little over a month ago I almost bought a motorcycle. The owner of a restaurant that I do some work for had a regular that was the manager of BMW motorcycles in Long Beach. Naturally as I work for BMW currently I was very intrigued and started looking into them.

And man, they sure are cool. They had all these different designs, with different colors, and honestly the BMW motorcycles look extremely nice. If I was to ever buy one, it would be a BMW motorcycle.

But I didn’t. Everyone in my life immediately steered me away from the purchase, even those that I thought would not. Dan and Koji, two of my dads, quickly informed to me how dangerous they were. Koji told me “you are too valuable to die.” Dan didn’t even bother with that. He said “I will poison your motorcycle. You can go ahead and buy it, but just know that it will never work.”

And I didn’t even bother asking my blood father as I already knew the answer there. He might rather have me smoke than ride a bike; and he hates smoking.

Everyone in my life told me it was a bad idea. Even some of my close friends my age. And you know we are all young guys, living fast (or kind of at least) so you might think that they would encourage me to get a bad-ass bike. Nope. They told me the story of when our friend Hunter got his bike and crashed it on the first day. He only broke his foot; he got lucky.

Today life hit hard. I was chatting and smiling with another co-worker as I was solving my Rubik’s cube during some downtime, when all of a sudden another co-worker of ours gets a phone call. He was clearly shook up. All he says is “my son was killed.”

Today life hit hard.

His son-in law, out in Montana, was riding his motorcycle and was struck by another vehicle. None of us know the details yet but it unfortunately sounds like the classic tragedy. It probably was not the son-in law’s fault, but rather the fault of the vehicle driver. Unfortunately in a motorcycle you have no armor in the event of a collision.

Everyone is too valuable to die, especially when they are young. And especially when they have a wife with a kid on the way.

Today life hit hard.

Don’t ride motorcycles. Just don’t. They are simply too dangerous. And not because of the motorcycle drivers, but because of all the other dumb-asses on the road. The people texting while driving, the drunk drivers, the people falling asleep at the wheel, the bad drivers, and more. But those people have protection in their cars, and if you are in a car you have protection too. Now car accidents are dangerous too, but not nearly as life-threatening as motorcycle accidents.

Just don’t ride motorcycles. It’s not worth it. You are too valuable to die.



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