You never know who you might run into


Tonight was a good night. It was a normal night. I got off work and then I went over to eat at my favorite restaurant Ryo Zan Paku with my brother Alex. We were having a great time when this man came in with his family.

I could see he really liked the restaurant as he was instagramming it. I work a little bit it at the restaurant for the owner, so naturally I introduced myself to him and we started talking.

He ended up living in the same neighborhood as my brother and I and then additionally was very into cars. (Owns a Lambo) In fact he might end up coming by my dealership to take a test drive one of these days. Very cool!

You really never know who you might meet, so it is always good to extend yourself to everyone. You just might make a friend, or a business partner, or at the very least a great conversation and experience.

So what do you have to lose by just extending yourself and saying a few words? Absolutely nothing, but so much to gain.


Keep Smiling,


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