Maintaining a Routine is tough

I really have been struggling to maintain a solid routine. For a bit I am able to do it, but then something happens and then I say “oh I will do it tomorrow” and then the routine is lost. It’s always that one night when I get home super late, so then I say I will write the blog tomorrow, but then I do it again, and then it has been 5 days without a post.

Routines are hard to get into. I got to suck it up though. Maybe I should make writing my morning routine then. Because sometimes when I get back at night I am exhausted, other times I have been out, and other times I just don’t want to write then. Currently I don’t really feel like writing but for the sake of breaking my lack of routine and working to reinforce the previously attempted writing routine I am here.

What a post lol.


Keep Smiling,


One thought on “Maintaining a Routine is tough

  1. These days, my routine is rock solid. It honestly depends on your age. I’m 25 now, so things haven’t gotten easier on that end. When I was 19-20, I couldn’t manage to do anything, ever. It also depends on what kind of people you hang around.

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