Plugging along

I’m about a month into my job now on the political campaign and I’m just plugging and chugging along. Day in and day out on that grind, but soon it ends. Only about 19 days or so until the election so we are getting into the final stretch. Every day really counts now at this point so we are trying to hit the ground as hard as we can.

I really think we got a good thing going though. We have a solid team of walkers and our mail game looks very good. It is sometimes nerving though because it is hard to know how we are doing compared to our opponent. It looks like we are doing better, but having 100% sure knowledge is not something we can ever have and thus it is always going to leave room for nervousness to set in. We are going to do our best though so pushing it and not slowing down now is very important.

I really am looking forward to the election night to be honest. It’s going to be a super nervous but exciting night. Those nights are very fun for me. On one hand it’s scary because what if we lose? But that chance of loss is what makes it so exciting. If we knew 100% we would win then we wouldn’t care. I think our chance is very high, but also this is my first campaign I have ever worked on so I am definitely feeling it more.

Bring it on. We are going to win this.

Or lose. We’ll see June 5th lol.

Keep Smiling,


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