Living on the Edge

Let’s start this post off by telling the truth. Basically I am a badass. Ain’t nobody more dangerous than me. I live on THE EDGE.

Right now I am waiting in line to get my haircut. Only 20 minutes left in the parking meter. Will I get it cut in time? Most likely not. Will I get a ticket?



This is my life. Welcome to the goddamn rollercoaster. Ladies, be warned. If you like goody two shoes safe men, then I am not for you. You can’t tame me. You can’t make me live safe. I’m just too wild.

Some horses were never meant to be broken. I salute those horses. Ride free my four legged brethren. May the open plains of freedom forever be your stomping grounds. Don’t let “the man” force you into that white collar office job on the 3rd floor of an 8 story building.

That ain’t for a real horse. That ain’t me. Office to safe. That ain’t me.


I really hope I get my haircut before I get a parking ticket.

Keep Smiling,


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