I am a Born Again Rapper.


Today, I wrote some bars for the first time in a long time. And my God, they were fire. Without a doubt, the hardest bars I have ever written. Stay tuned, the tracks will be dropping on Soundcloud at some point. Cue, my rise to being an internet rap star.

Okay, maybe not that. Getting big in the rap game is pretty hard. Funnily enough I know this from experience. Way back in the day I started my career as a streamer as Counter Strike Surf Server Rapper. Oh man. Maybe I should go back on those servers and spit my new bars! Dude. That would be fire. I may do that.

Over the past few years my friend Tyler and I would freestyle rap from time to time, and mainly for fun, but always with the thought in the background that we could record a track together. See Tyler is one of the most musically gifted people I know and tomorrow he graduates from USC’s Thornton School of Music! Congratulations Tyler!

Now that he finally has free time, we met up today, ate breakfast, and then got to work in his studio. I felt uncomfortable at first to be honest. It was on another level for me. I have freestyled in the past, and sure I live streamed rapping on twitch, but that was mostly in front of friends and fans, and with the intent of having fun and just messing around.

Recording is different. We are trying to make something actually good here. So, it was on another level. But I realized that after I started gaining my confidence, and especially after hearing Tyler tweak the vocals, it started to flow more naturally and then I got much more passionate about my raps. I started vocalizing my sounds more distinctly and it became more fun. By the end rap Nolan had re-emerged from his ashes.

He has been reborn. But it is not K_N9ne, this time it is 999. (post on the name choice coming soon)


Keep Smiling, Keep Styling, and Subscribe,


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