A letter overdue


Today I wrote a letter to an old teacher of mine. Every Monday for many years when I was young I would go to her house and she would give me speech and life lessons. She covered everything from saying hello and greeting people properly, to posture, to how to stand up straight. She helped me prepare for projects where I would have to speak in front of the class and helped me develop myself into the social being that I am today.

Mrs. Weinberger was without a doubt the most influential teacher I have ever had, and I am extremely blessed to have been taught by her. Unfortunately her husband worked in aerospace and his company relocated to Seattle, thus she moved and that was the last I ever saw of her.

She wrote me once after she moved and I failed to respond. I re-discovered her letter a year ago. She mailed it to me in 2006. And I failed again. I waited until today to write her back. I am glad that I finally sent her the letter, but I am nervous. What if she moved and now I no longer have her address? God forbid what if she died? Then that is on me. I waited over twelve years to reconnect. It took me less than fifteen minutes to write, seal, and mail my letter. I waited twelve years to spend fifteen minutes.

Procrastination is the Devil.

At the very least I am relieved to have sent the letter. I hope it gets to her and I included my  phone number in it as well. I am praying that it reaches her and that I can reconnect with her. It will be interesting too. The last time I spoke with her I was a child, now I am an adult. A lot has changed, but I know it will always be the same.

If there is a letter that you should have written but have not and it is long overdue, just go write it and mail it now. Do not be like me and wait twelve years.


Keep Smiling, Don’t Procrastinate, and Subscribe!


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