My Day Off


Today is Monday AKA my day off from work. And God I needed this day. As you know from my previous posts I have been working like a dog on this political campaign. I have been going door to door, attending functions, writing post cards, dumpster diving through trash mail, and driving all over the district putting up yard signs. It has been blur and I am exhausted.

But that is why today is important. I get to rejuvenate and take a break before it starts again tomorrow. And it is going to get even busier as the election takes in place in 29 days. At least there will be relief after that.

But honestly I am not complaining, I am really enjoying my job and the fact that it keeps me extremely busy is one of my favorite things about it. Prior to this job I had way too much free time, and while I handled it much better than many people by doing productive things like taking Chinese and Spanish lessons, I still did not utilize it to the fullest. By the way, utilizing free time efficiently is not easy. Trust me. When you give humans extended periods of free time they more often than not turn into couch potatoes. They will talk like they are going to do all kinds of crazy ambitious fun things, but after a week or two of that they vegetate. Vacationing all the time is hard, this is why I really like work!

Back to today. It is my day off so I am going to catch up with some friends. First I am going to grab brunch with my old friend Niki, and then later I am going Suit Shopping with my Tayler, I haven’t seen in her forever. That will be great too to bring a women’s opinion when I get some new clothes. They have that eye.

One of my bosses at work told me that he always keeps a suit and change of clothes in his car because he never knows when he is going to be needed to dress up and go to a function. He noted that many times these things happen out of the blue or you might get invited last minute so I must be prepared.

Well Today, I am going to be prepared! I am getting a new suit, this is long overdue anyways, and then I am going to have it on stand-by in my car so I am ready to rock whenever I need to. It’s like my girl Cardi B says, “I need the dollars, beat it up like pinatas!”

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