Life works based on incentives. People do things because they get rewarded. And if the reward is great, then often people will put in great effort. This rings true everywhere. In school, in the workplace, in relationships. It is just a fact of life that the vast majority of human beings will not work hard (or smart) unless there is some compelling reason that benefits them, i.e. an incentive, to do so.

This is why incentives are so important. When a job lacks them you will find that people will under-perform, or sometimes not perform. This has been true of every job I have had, including my new campaign job. Based on my reports at the end of the day my pay is either base line or increased if I do well. You bet your ass that every day I do my best to perform well so that not only my pay is increased, but that my bosses notice that I am working hard and putting in the effort. I do this because I want to advance myself in my field, and I know that the only way this happens is if I bring back great numbers. That is my incentive to do better.

Other incentives in life can be living in a nice area, so thus you need to make more money to afford the rent. Or it can be dating an attractive partner, so thus you need to work out and dress well to make yourself attractive. Look for incentives in your life that might encourage you to work on yourself and develop yourself or your skills.

Do this, and the rewards you desire will follow. Now, of course this won’t be easy. But in a way that is a good thing. If it came easy then it wouldn’t even be satisfying in the end. A goal I have in the long run is to be a paid writer for something, whether it is my blog or for another periodical, thus to achieve that desire I need to post regularly on my blog to improve my writing skills and also my name so that one day I can be hired.

I have gone over a few incentives of mine and of others, but why don’t you think of your own incentives that will galvanize you into action and start you on the path to getting what you want.


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