Sometimes it is good to be busy

These last few weeks I have hardly gotten any time to myself. I have been busy working on a political campaign (as discussed in a previous post) so I have been pre-occupied. Today not only did I do my first blog post in a long time, but I also did my first twitch stream in a while as well. It was nice to go live and connect with my chat again, awoljezza came back and subbed too! That was very nice. I’m going to try to work more streaming in soon.

Also I drive for 70 to 80 minutes every day now so that is a good amount of time that is being taken up. I have been thinking about moving to Long Beach over the next few months and if I do that will reduce my time on the road a little bit so that will be nice.

The main point that I want to discuss in this post is fulfillment. Recently I have been extremely busy such that I have barely been able to do many things that I have had time to do in the past, yet I feel even better than ever. This is because while those other hobbies and interests are fun, they fail to deliver the fulfillment that work gives me. Every day going to work I try to do a new job, or do my old better.

Sure some days are long and I wish I was doing something else, but in the end I don’t really. Every day I keep working I feel better in the long run. Knowing that I put my will to something and that I keep delivering makes me feel proud. It is easy to do a good job for a short while, but doing a good job over a long period of time is entirely different.

There is a little over a month until the election so I am going to keep it going full steam ahead until then. Then we get a nice little break and hopefully we are back at it later in the summer working at winning the general election. I am confident that we can do it, and I am going to keep hustling so that it happens.

Working towards the victory is sweet, but winning is what really will be.

It is nice to be busy though. Prior to the campaign I had too much free time. I was sleeping in too much, wasting a few precious parts of the day, even though I did do many other productive things with my time. Still, I appreciate having lots of jobs to do so that I am pre-occupied. Too much alone time and you just get lazy or crazy, or both.


Stay Busy and Keep Smiling,


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