Streaming Again


Recently, I returned to streaming on twitch regularly. Now, I do not have a schedule, but I am streaming frequently and I am trying to squeeze one in every day if possible. And I am glad I am. It is extremely fun to go live and interact with my fans.

I honestly believe that it keeps me me.

If that makes any sense lol.

But seriously, I do love entertaining, and interacting with my fans and I am glad to be doing that regularly again. Streaming for so many years and then just stopping, didn’t feel right. Just like my blog where I keep my creative writing elements alive, streaming is where I keep my entertaining elements alive. Doing a little bit daily (or at least frequently) is something very good for me and I plan to keep at it.

See you on stream & Keep Smiling,


Being Blessed

Tonight I had a fan I had not seen in a long time stop by my stream. He was very excited to see me streaming again as I had not been around for a long time. He sent me a message which I read to myself after the stream. He started it off with telling me how when I was not streaming he had thought about me and wondered how I was doing.

He then went on and talked about some things in his life and lessons that he learned from it and passed those on to me. It was very good advice, and I will likely write a post on it or the issue in general at a later date when it isn’t 1 AM and I am heading to bed.

But I wanted to write this at least before I went to sleep. The fact that I have fans like this one, Spoonyli who think about me and hope for me, even when I am gone, is moving for me.

I always wondered when I quit streaming if people would forget me. Streamer here today but gone tomorrow. But Spoony thought about me while I was gone and that means a lot. And I know many other fans did as well and I want to thank you all for doing so.

A thought is loves currency. I appreciate all of them.

It truly is a blessing to have people from all over the world wishing the best for me and wondering how I am doing.

Thank you.

Keep Smiling,


Maintaining a Routine is tough

I really have been struggling to maintain a solid routine. For a bit I am able to do it, but then something happens and then I say “oh I will do it tomorrow” and then the routine is lost. It’s always that one night when I get home super late, so then I say I will write the blog tomorrow, but then I do it again, and then it has been 5 days without a post.

Routines are hard to get into. I got to suck it up though. Maybe I should make writing my morning routine then. Because sometimes when I get back at night I am exhausted, other times I have been out, and other times I just don’t want to write then. Currently I don’t really feel like writing but for the sake of breaking my lack of routine and working to reinforce the previously attempted writing routine I am here.

What a post lol.


Keep Smiling,


Plugging along

I’m about a month into my job now on the political campaign and I’m just plugging and chugging along. Day in and day out on that grind, but soon it ends. Only about 19 days or so until the election so we are getting into the final stretch. Every day really counts now at this point so we are trying to hit the ground as hard as we can.

I really think we got a good thing going though. We have a solid team of walkers and our mail game looks very good. It is sometimes nerving though because it is hard to know how we are doing compared to our opponent. It looks like we are doing better, but having 100% sure knowledge is not something we can ever have and thus it is always going to leave room for nervousness to set in. We are going to do our best though so pushing it and not slowing down now is very important.

I really am looking forward to the election night to be honest. It’s going to be a super nervous but exciting night. Those nights are very fun for me. On one hand it’s scary because what if we lose? But that chance of loss is what makes it so exciting. If we knew 100% we would win then we wouldn’t care. I think our chance is very high, but also this is my first campaign I have ever worked on so I am definitely feeling it more.

Bring it on. We are going to win this.

Or lose. We’ll see June 5th lol.

Keep Smiling,