I’m Done with Social Media…Again


Today I made the decision to remove all my social media links from my blog as well as the decision to no longer use them. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, facebook, etc.

I remember back in High School I wrote a poem about the dangers I predicted that would arise from social media. I will have to look for it and see if I can recover it. I remember I made a blog for it titled “preening narcissism” and the poem was about how social media allowed users to put themselves at the center of everything and make it all about them.

My poem went something along the lines of

I have my iPod

I have my iFriends

I have my iStories

Welcome to my iLife.

Now I can’t remember exactly how it went but it was based on the repetition of the “i” construction that has been used by Apple. But I do remember what I thought then and that further I was right. Over the last decade since I wrote it (back in 2008-9) society has drowned itself in social media and the results have been disastrous. Many people have begun to put fake experiences, fake photos, and fake friends, at the center of their lives. Dinner is no longer about enjoying it, it is about taking a photo of it. And we all know the person who has stopped everyone in the middle of an activity for a photo. Back in the day that photo would be for a memory for everyone to look at later, but now we all know that that photo is so the person who wants it looks good on their social media. It really is not about everyone…

And I didn’t even bring up the addictive element of it! People are glued to their screens updating their social feeds every ten seconds just to see if something new happened or there is something to like.

And I know this because I have been there. I too became addicted to social media where I enjoyed posting things and garnering likes. Soon it was no longer about showcasing my life and my fun things but rather almost like a bragging of sorts and I soon developed the need to post. This was where I got in trouble.

I ended up making a dumb post in particular that cost me my relationship at the time. And while it was not the sole factor for the break up by any means, it was entirely avoidable and done because of my need to post. What a garbage value.

I have learned the hard way about how social media is unhealthy and causes problems and I am sick of it. Ever since taking my break from social media, and this time entirely on my terms, I have been feeling better. It is freeing to not look at feeds 24/7 and to use all of that time and enjoy the life that is right in front of you.

Besides, removing yourself from social media also helps prevent you from becoming a narcissist. Something I will note that it is easy to become if you have a social media account that does decently well. The more accustomed you get to receiving likes and admiration for everything you post the sooner you become used to that behavior such that you quickly become the center of everything. And then voila other people and their needs/desires no longer become visible to you, and that is an absolute train-wreck waiting to happen.

As my man Lil Uzi Vert says, “Erase your social.”


Keep Smiling & follow the blog,



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