Working like a dog

A week ago I started working at my new job on a political campaign. Ever since I started I have been hitting the ground running and working as best as I can every day. And I have been loving it. Having my boss give me tasks and then achieving them and going beyond the set goal has made my days extremely enjoyable. I’m honestly very thankful for the work opportunity that I have been given. I truly am enjoying it and it is so fascinating to learn first hand how a political campaign works.

In fact I have been so busy lately that I haven’t posted on my blog in a hot minute. I need to work on my time management a little bit more. Oh well, each day at a time! I will currently be heading out to work today in about 10 minutes.

I’m excited to get back at it and to keep killing it! Working like a dog may tire me out physically some days, but it also gives me a different sense of energy that comes from the accomplishment I feel from doing so well.

Time to get back at it,


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