Day 1 on the Campaign


Yesterday April 17th, 2018 I worked on a political campaign for the first time. And it was very fun. I had never worked on a campaign previously so the whole ordeal was a major learning experience.

The day started off with meeting Kevin, the man who hired me, and other members of the campaign team. I was briefed with a talking points about our candidate, who I will write a blog post later on, as well as information about the area we would be canvassing that day.

Soon my boss Colin and I were out in Fountain Valley knocking on doors informing likely voters about our candidate and inquiring as to whether they would support him or not. Many responses we received were positive, but there were a few refusals. Though I will say, we had no problems. There were no crazy interactions with people and I did not get chased by anyone’s dog. Yet.

One older Vietnamese guy said that I was very handsome. That totally made my day. It also made my bosses day. He thought that was the funniest thing. That’s my new goal, to get as many people as possible to say that I am handsome. Vote for Nolan, hes so handsome! See I have my slogan already.

We hit a little under 100 houses yesterday, and today my goal is to easily break that and try to get to about 120 houses each day. My goal is to do a seriously good job on this campaign trail and then see where this all takes me. I have to say that canvassing, while it is grunt work, it is satisfying. Going door to door and actually meeting the people of America that vote and make our political system what it is is very eye-opening. To many out there, they think that the individual’s vote does not count and that no one makes a difference. While I understand what those people are saying, as there are so many voters, knocking on each houses door shows that each person’s vote really does matter. That is precisely why we are there to canvass neighborhoods.

At the end of a long day, I felt very good about myself. Participating in America’s political system was very satisfying and meeting so many people and having conversations about my candidate and their views was very interesting and kept my brain engaged. I really enjoyed talking with people that were not very interested in my candidate because I did my best to argue his case and see if I could change their minds. While it is great to talk to people that agree with my points and views, that is easy. The challenge of talking to the other side is more fun, and additionally it keeps me honest. When you preach to the choir endlessly you tend to lose your real reasons for your views. No one questions why you believe these things so after a while you forget why too. But if you surround yourself with people that question you it keep you honest.

So what I am saying is, I actually enjoyed knocking on the doors of those that disagreed with my candidate, which is something most canvassers I’m sure hate. But then again I am on day two of work, so I still have lots of energy and hopefulness. We will see how I feel after getting bit by a dog!


Keep Smiling, Subscribe to my Blog, and get out and Vote!



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