Breaking Up is part of Growing Up

Today my girlfriend broke up with me. It’s a shame that it didn’t work out, and if only it did, but that is just sometimes how it goes. You date people, sometimes it goes well, other it doesn’t, or people make mistakes, or things just happen, but again that is just how it goes.

But it is part of life, and most importantly part of growing up. And this is what I am focusing on right now. I’m conciously thinking about all the things that I did wrong in the relationship and where I could have acted differently. I wish I didn’t make those mistakes or that I acted differently, but alas the time for that is past and now it is my responsibility to ensure that I don’t repeat these in the future.

Every person is going to make mistakes in life and especially when it comes to dating, but fools are those that repeat them. The end of every relationship is a very important moment because it is a miniature death of sorts. One has a part of himself or herself die, (the other person in the relationship) and now one has to learn to live alone and start to think about a future union of sorts.

This moment is very important as it one of those rare times in life where humans are forced to reflect on themselves.

So now is time for reflection and over the next days, weeks, and months I will learn more about myself; my mistakes and also my priorities in relationships.

In the end it was a tough day, but it was a good day. It’s time to grow up and learn from this relationship.

Keep Smiling,


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