Up and At Em


Ever since college I have had a bad habit of sleeping in. Prior to this I woke up nice and early everyday in high school. This was because I had to get a parking spot at my school 20 minutes away from my house. I had no choice.

But in the end that was totally fine! That parking spot got me up and out of my bed everyday and in the end I felt great. I didn’t waste my days and I had so much more time to use. But then college happened. I didn’t need to drive, I just walked to class. And there were times where class didn’t start until 10:30 or later, so why even get up? Thus my bad habit was formed.

Ever since then I will just sleep in unless I have a reason to get up. If I don’t have work or a meeting or whatever, then plop I am not moving. But now I have started Jiu-Jitsu again! And this new dojo has morning classes at 7:00! I could not be happier. Right now I am up and out of my bed, I have showered, I am eating my snack, and then I am about to head out and train.

Today already feels amazing and that I am primed to have a great day. So cheers to waking up and not wasting the day everyone.

Carpe Diem,


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