Rack City


Damn. Look at that. Clean Wash, Clean Wheels, Clean Roof Racks.

Recently I installed a pair of INNO Roof Racks to the top of my Subaru 08 WRX STI and I could not be happier. With a healthy mix of style and function my Subaru is looking cleaner and meaner than ever.

My friend Junpei at INNO really provided me with the hookup so that I could spread that word about how awesome INNO is. And trust me, this is an easy sell. I have been wanting roof racks for quite some time as everyone in the Subaru community already knows just how naked Subies are without them. Throw a pair of these bad boys on and your car has a totally new look.


Now what you are looking at here are the Base Racks plus the additional Surf/Kayak Racks. First the Base Racks are needed to then put on the additional attachment Racks. While currently I only have the Surf/Kayak Racks for now, there are also Bike Racks, Snow/Ski Racks, and other Containers that you can outfit onto your vehicle. INNO makes these for all types of cars and models, so if you have been looking to go Surf, Snowboard, Ride, or Camp but you need that extra space in your vehicle, look no further than INNO and get your car well equipped to handle the day. Stop by http://www.innoracks.com/ to browse for what might fit your best interests.

Now, I am an active person. I snowboarded regularly this season, I have gotten into Mountain Biking and Surfing, but I did not only get these racks for practical purposes. While they certainly are practical for me and my lifestyle, they also are a bold fashion statement. With a front lip, side skirts, Red Hella Horns, and Enkei PF-01s, already rocking on my Subie, these INNO Racks add that last touch that make my car look complete. And I could not be happier.

My Car already gets a fair amount of attention but ever since the Racks were installed it has most certainly increased. The style the Racks add by their appearance themselves is already very nice, but the message they send is even more powerful. They subtley tell viewers that this driver gets outside. He goes places. He lives an active life. A Subaru with Roof Racks is like a Jeep with Tire and the jack on the back.

It’s just how it should be.

Thanks again to Junpei at http://www.innoracks.com/ for hooking me up. I can’t wait to use my new racks even more. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about either completing their cars look, or who is looking to get outside and live actively (or both) to check out INNO Racks. They are stylish, but most important they are quality. I felt it installing them. They aren’t cheap crap. And this is good, because you never want that on your car. Your car is a statement. Make it look clean.


Make it look INNO.


Keep Smiling Everyone,


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