Something is happening

Recently, my blog posts have started to get more attention, and this is simply amazing. For a whole year I posted on this blog here to little or to no avail. Now this was my fault. I did not research WordPress and how blogs work. For over a year I literally did not tag any of my blog posts or put them into categories. Now that I have been doing that there has been increased traffic to my site. This feels very good.

In addition to smarter posts on this site, I also have been working hard at my Instagram of which I am becoming very proud of. Regular posting on it as well as liking and commenting on other Instagram users content has been growing my profile tremendously. In one day I went from about 275 followers to 375 followers. And it is extremely fun too! I get to look at content from all over the world and connect with interesting people so easily. For example, yesterday I was reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crushing It and there was an excerpt by a man named Louie Blaka. (IG is I really enjoyed reading his story so I followed him on Instagram and sent him a message congratulating him on his business success. He actually responded to me within a few minutes! We had a short but very nice chat, and I reflected on how cool this day and age really is. I picked up a book, read a man’s words, and then talked to him immediately after.

Super cool.

Stay followed on my platforms and I will keep the content flowing, I am absolutely enjoying writing and posting more than ever. Have a good day everyone!


Keep smiling,


Arguing can be healthy

Yesterday I was at dinner with a family and a few good friends of mine. The night was going great and I had a great time. I still maintain this claim despite laying into my friend hardcore and publicly at the table.

We were talking and in the middle of the conversation my good friend made a very subtle comment that was of the nature of things that everyone in city says and believe is true, but in reality it is not so. Immediately I said that he was wrong. He then rolled his eyes at me as if I was the fool for saying that. I then proceeded to explain why his claim was wrong and why I was right. He then tried to debate me of which I brought up credible articles via my smart phone backing up my claims. He then tried the classic “who is to say” argument. Now this didn’t work because in this subject I was immensely qualified to talk about it as it concerned Foreign Affairs and China of which I have a Masters Degree in Foreign Policy from the Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C. and I have studied Chinese for years. On this topic, my friend was outgunned and he made the mistake of firing a shot.

At this point he could no longer argue “who is to say” so he then turned to denial. He claimed that he never brought anything up and that it was all me and that I was overreacting. I kept my ground and stated no, that he brought it up and that I was merely arguing to show him that this point of view he had was wrong.

My friend felt a little down at the end of that night I am sure of it, but I expect that it will be a night he will learn from. Getting in arguments is actually healthy. We all sometimes believe wrong or delusional things and if our friends never argued with us then how would we ever break free from our erroneous ideas? Further, society trains us today to not argue and to always “get along” whatever the fuck that means. This is very bad, because arguing can be very healthy and further being placed in an argumentative environment from time to time keeps you from getting to emotionally hurt when you are in one.

And earth to everyone, you will get in an argument sometime; it would be much better of you to get ready for them and be able to hand them instead of trying to avoid them forever. I know what that is like. That was my mode of operation for many years. I hated arguments, and I hated fights because it could get nasty. Then I realized that this stemmed because I was insecure, and that further I wanted everyone to like me. That was a very shitty value to have. Not everyone will like you, no matter what you do, so ditch that value. It is trash.

Further, sometimes pain is good: not just for you, but also for your friends. Sometimes your friends might believe something wrong or do something that is not healthy. Are you going to let them continue that behavior? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you should say something.

My point today is that arguing is not intrinsically evil. There are many benefits that come from arguing. I look at myself and see how I came out of delusional ideas because I had people get in my face and argue with me. If people never did this to me who knows how many crazy things I still might believe today, and further I would not be the person I am now.

Get out there and start an argument lol,



Learning The New Cube


About a year and a half ago I decided to learn how to do the Rubik’s Cube. For the longest time I had never known how to do it and I constantly would run into it nearly everywhere. There would be cubes in my friends dorm rooms, my teachers offices, literally everywhere. I then thought to myself at how useful it would be to know how to solve the cube. If I could do that I would be able to make friends and impress people anywhere!

This is the truth. The people who know how to solve the cube are an elite few. And this is not because it is exceptionally hard. It just takes some time and dedication. And there are resources for how to do it as well. I learned how to solve my cube at which offers tutorials for how to do it. You don’t even need to figure it out on your own, just read the instructions and learn that way. Upon doing this I felt amazing. It was a small but big accomplishment at the same time. It took me about a day to learn, but now to this day I have impressed countless people and made many friends who also have a passion for solving the cube. Back when I streamed, I would often place a cube in the background of my camera and bait people into asking me whether I could solve it. Almost every time I solved it on camera I would get a follow or sometimes even a subscriber.

The reason for this is because the cube appears difficult to most people. These people often in the past had picked up a cube, and then foolishly messed around turning the sides for two minutes and then gave up concluding that it was impossible. Then when they see someone else solve it they think “oh my God, he must be a genius!” The truth is, you don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be dedicated and not quit right away. Learning the 3×3 Cube is an accomplishment that I am very proud of. If I was going to ever hire people for my business or other businesses in the future, I think I might make solving the Rubik’s Cube a prerequisite. At the end of the day it is a dedication test. And I passed it.

Now I am on to my next dedication test: the 5×5 Cube. It sure looks harder, we shall see if it is. I am ever ready to spend some time learning this one and then impressing more people, especially myself. Stay tuned and when I solve it I will write another blog post on my success. Also, if you can solve the cube or if I have motivated you to solve either the 3×3 or the 5×5 because of this article please tag me in a photo on instagram or comment on my blog!

Keep Smiling Everyone, solve those cubes,


Conquering Snoozing

If you have been a long time reader of my blog you already know that I have a problem with snoozing. I call myself the “snooze demon.” It may just be my worst vice.

I absolutely despise snoozing because you not only get worse sleep, you waste your precious time. There are only so many hours in the day and they go by quite fast. If you stay in bed you are going miss them.

Recently I have been doing well battling against my arch enemy. These past few days I have simply gotten up and out of bed without repeatedly hitting the snooze function on my phone. It feels very nice, but I know that getting out of bed instantly is nowhere close to being a habit of mine, so I have a lot of work to do.

But it is work I am prepared to do. I have succeeded recently in organizing many other aspects of life, but right now the glaring deficieny is my time. Now I will say, my time management is much better than most people for sure, but personally I know where I am still wasting precious hours.

CEOs and other successful people are amazing at precisely this. They don’t mess around. They have their days planned out, they arrive on time, and they leave on time. This is why they are successful and why they are paid so much. They are ruthlessly efficient. This may sound easy, but if we be real with ourselves we know how hard this really is. It’s so easy to stay in bed, to leave your house late and that it is so hard to do the exact opposite. But success comes to those who do put in the effort.

Tough through it. Manage your time well and start doing this by gaining all those hours that are lost simply due to sleeping in. Hasta la Vista Snooze Demon!