Getting Back into Wow


Over the past couple days Alex and I got back into WoW again, and it has been a while. The last time we played was about a year and a half ago when the Legion expansion was launched. And even then we barely got to play together. In fact, we have never really played World of Warcraft together. This time really marks the first time the two of us have gotten to play extensively together, which is very cool.

Alex and I both made new characters, he is leveling a blood elf rogue and I am leveling a blood elf monk. Of course my character is female, and is named “Baysic.” Get at me people. Lok Tar all day. (For the Horde)

I have actually never played monk before so this playthrough is very interesting. Other classes I have years of experience playing so it ca get repetitive but this way the game feels fresh. The first day Alex and I reached level 15, and yesterday the two of us reached level 26. So far we have done everything together so we are literally on the same experience path. This means that when he levels up I level up and etc.

This is very good because World of Warcraft is a social experience. It was never so much about the game, it was more about who you play the game with. Whenever I have friends to play with I play WoW, when I do not I end up quitting WoW. But I always come back, the game is too good. If I don’t get sucked back in and rope my friends in, one of them already does and they rope me and the rest of us in.

And I have no regrets being roped back in.

Lok Tar,


One thought on “Getting Back into Wow

  1. I will have to admit that I have been playing almost continuously for 12+ years and haven’t regretted it one bit. It’s fun entertainment and can be fairly inexpensive – love playing along and talking with other people in the game. Keep going and you’ll really have a good time – do the things that you want to do and play the game as a whole. 🙂


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