Something is happening

Recently, my blog posts have started to get more attention, and this is simply amazing. For a whole year I posted on this blog here to little or to no avail. Now this was my fault. I did not research WordPress and how blogs work. For over a year I literally did not tag any of my blog posts or put them into categories. Now that I have been doing that there has been increased traffic to my site. This feels very good.

In addition to smarter posts on this site, I also have been working hard at my Instagram of which I am becoming very proud of. Regular posting on it as well as liking and commenting on other Instagram users content has been growing my profile tremendously. In one day I went from about 275 followers to 375 followers. And it is extremely fun too! I get to look at content from all over the world and connect with interesting people so easily. For example, yesterday I was reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crushing It and there was an excerpt by a man named Louie Blaka. (IG is I really enjoyed reading his story so I followed him on Instagram and sent him a message congratulating him on his business success. He actually responded to me within a few minutes! We had a short but very nice chat, and I reflected on how cool this day and age really is. I picked up a book, read a man’s words, and then talked to him immediately after.

Super cool.

Stay followed on my platforms and I will keep the content flowing, I am absolutely enjoying writing and posting more than ever. Have a good day everyone!


Keep smiling,


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