I am blessed with great fans

This post is rather unique. Today in my twitch stream I was talking about an experience that I had had on a past YouNow Stream in which I encountered a person that constantly disagreed with what I believed and further said that I was arrogant and close-minded. I then told this person that they probably should leave my channel because likely we were always just going to disagree and that it would do neither of us any good to keep it going the way it was. I even then wrote a Blog Article about. It’s still up here on the site just go down a few blogs and there it is. Note, this post serves as an evolution in my thoughts on this subject.

Today I found myself talking about this experience again with my stream today and my long-time fan Brodaciously told me that she had read my blog post and had ideas on the subject that she would like to communicate to me if I was interested. I said of course and heard her out after my show was over.

Brodaciously commonly has to fire people from her company that she works for and thus she was prepared to give me tips on how to do it. First thing she told me was that I was 100% right to feel the ways I felt about people that come in disrupt streams and my job etc, but as a professional and business person I should not be letting these feelings so easily get to me. She told me sure it might feel great to tell that person so scram or get the hell out of there, but that is not the best way to do it.

She said that I should first never publicly expel people as that might only fuel them to come back in an even more angry fashion, and second that I should offer them a chance where the two of us could talk about the issues personally. Say something like “I can see you feel that way, how about we talk about it personally after my show is over?”

Brodaciously advocated the age old strategy Dale Carnegie promulgated in his classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Offer people the carrot, not the stick.

By choosing the carrot route this allows the frustrated or angry person in question a chance to vent their feelings or thoughts directly as well as keeping the drama out of the main parties show or event. This way both parties can get a sort of win. I win because my show continues as normal and is not interrupted, and the frustrated person wins because they get a chance to voice their frustrations clearly to me, alone, so that I can most effectively respond. Additionally, handling situations in a manner like this puts me on the high road, versus potentially looking like an asshole for expelling people so easily. Optics are important, and Brodaciously was pointing that out.

I really appreciate the advice Brodaciously gave me because it was very professional and was directly in my best interest. Shes loves me and my shows and thus she gave me solid advice that she knew I needed and that would be beneficial for me. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate this.

Yes, I do give advice a lot, but I need it just as much as I give. Thank you Brodaciously for giving me this advice. I have been thinking about it all day, and not only has it manifested itself in this blog post, but also in other realms that I will blog about and speak about on my next streams.

Fans like Brodaciously are exactly what any streamer/public figure could ever hope to have, because they are the ones with my best interest at heart.




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